Two Police Officers SHOT By Louisville Rioters Following Breonna Taylor Case Judgment

( Two police officers were shot by rioters on Wednesday following the conclusion of the Breonna Taylor case. A grand jury did not bring murder charges against police officers involved with the death of Breonna Taylor, who died when police officers returned fire during a no-knock arrest.

It shows the danger of allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to dictate what is and is not a “racist” shooting.

Video footage shows the severity of the riots, as Black Lives Matter whipped up a frenzy in the city and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sided against the cops after the decision was made.

Louisville’s Police Chief told journalists that the two officers who were shot during the riots were stable and receiving medical treatment, and the suspect is now in custody.

Earlier on Wednesday, protesters marched through the streets, before setting fires in the downtown area. The Hall of Justice was boarded up by authorities in preparation for another far-left riot, but that didn’t stop rioters setting fire to the boards.

On Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked for the public’s help in determining how the officers were shot. Anybody from Louisville who has footage of the incident was encouraged by the Bureau to get in touch.

At least three stores were also looted in the protests, and protesters were seen damaging private property and jumping on police vehicles.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said on Wednesday that police officers would not be charged directly for Breona Taylor’s death owing to the fact that they knocked before entering her boyfriend’s apartment as part of an arrest.

“Evidence shows that officers both knocked and announced their presence at the apartment,” he said.

The grand jury took a few days to arrive at the conclusion owing to the clear nature of the evidence. But if we’ve learned anything over the last few months, Black Lives Matter will say it’s a racist shooting as long as the victim is black, and even if the evidence suggests it was not racist.