Twitter REMOVES Video Of Antifa Extremists Assaulting Pro-Police Activists In Nebraska

( Far-left Antifa extremists, who opposed President Donald Trump, Republicans, and the police, physically assaulted pro-law enforcement demonstrators in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend.

The altercation took place as anti-cop protesters took to the streets, violently demonstrating against the death of an armed black man on Thursday. Reports suggest that the man, who was shot and killed by police officers, was armed and dangerous.

Kenneth Jones was immediately labeled a victim of a racist murder, with Antifa activists taking to the streets to harass anybody that showed support for the officers.

Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, posted disturbing footage of an altercation taking place. Antifa demonstrators shouted in the face of pro-police activists and followed a woman as she tried to get away from the vicious and angry crowd.

We can’t show you that tweet, sadly, as Twitter removed it. For those who can still access the tweet, it now reads, “This Tweet from @MrAndyNgo has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.” It suggests that whoever took the footage filed a report with the social network claiming ownership, but it could also mean that somebody pretending to be the person who took the footage filed a report so that the evidence would be removed.

Before the clip was removed, Breitbart reported that the woman being harassed by Antifa said that “supporting law enforcement has nothing to do with race and everything to do with protecting law-abiding citizens.”

Reasonable enough, right? Not to Antifa.

The footage showed people being harassed and physically assaulted by activists.

Left-wing activists attempted to take the moral high ground, claiming that the police shooting that prompted the protests was an issue of racism. The incident, which was caught on police body cameras, took place when Jones resisted arrest after officers stopped him over suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Lincoln Journal-Star reported that officers said Jones reached for a gun that was held in his waistband as officers tried to remove him from the vehicle.

Officers say that other passengers in the car complied but Jones did not, and that they had to break the car window in order to open his doors. The police officers can be heard shouting “Gun! Gun! Gun!” before four shots could be heard.

The gun in Jones’ possession is currently being processed by the FBI and reports suggest only one police officer discharged his weapon.