Twitter Publishes Disinformation About Trump

( Despite regularly censoring accounts for publishing what they deemed to be “misinformation” about issues like COVID-19, social media platform Twitter just published an inaccurate story about the son of former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr.

A story claiming that Trump Jr. referred to the Republican governor of Texas as a Democrat was widely shared on the platform, prompting Twitter to share the inaccurate story in its “trending” section.

“People are confused by Donald Trump Jr.’s reference to ‘Democratic governor,’ since the current governor, Greg Abbott, is a Republican,” Twitter wrote.

But Donald Trump Jr. did not claim Abbot was a Democrat.

Even a reporter from the Washington Post and Newsweek’s fact-checker conceded that the story wasn’t accurate, but that didn’t stop far-left mouthpieces like Alyssa Milano piping up and perpetuating the false story.

Responding to a tweet made by Trump Jr., in which he said that critics of Senator Ted Cruz during the ongoing state-wide emergency in Texas, had turned a blind eye to the actions of Democrat governors.

“Who wants to tell him that the Governor of Texas is a Republican?” Milano said.

Many interpreted Trump Jr.’s tweet to refer to the governor of Texas, who is a Republican, but in the video attached to the tweet, Jr.’s comments made it clear that he was talking about other governors, like Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California.

“While defending Cruz, Trump Jr. never mentions Abbott by name in the tweet or the video he posted,” Newsweek was forced to admit.

“In the clip, Trump Jr. appears to be referencing the Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom when mentioning governors ‘flagrantly disregarding their executive orders.’”

Despite the fact checks, Twitter perpetuated the false story and has not flagged tweets made by Milano and others that push the fake claim.

Double standards, much?