TV Hosts Get In Physical Fight Over Ukraine Invasion

( As tensions between Ukraine and Russia finally become a full-on Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, a Ukrainian journalist got into a fight with a pro-Russian politician on live television.

During the Freedom of Speech talk show hosted by Savik Shuster on Friday, just three days before Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian troops will enter Ukraine on a “peacekeeping mission,” the panel broke out into a brawl.

It consisted of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yasenyuk, journalist Yuriy Butosov, a legislator from the pro-Russian Opposition Platform party Nestor Shufrych, and former President Petro Poroshenko.

When Shufrych said that Ukrainian authorities should handle Vladimir Putin, Poroshenko noted, “there’s a Russian agent right here in the studio.”

At that point, things got pretty…intense. Butusov punched Shufrych in his head after he refused to condemn Vladimir Putin, starting a brawl between the two. They found themselves scrambling and beating one another on the floor as other people in the studio tried to pull them off of each other.

And if that wasn’t wild enough, they were eventually pulled off of one another and they…continued the discussion.

Just take a look at Shufrych’s face as he continued the discussion afterwards:

It’s indicative of just how deep the tensions run in Ukraine, with many Russian speakers in the country aligning themselves with Vladimir Putin and Russia and others considering themselves more European and supporting Ukrainian independence from Russia.

If things were this bad before the invasion started, think how bad things are about to get…