Turning Point USA Disinvites GOP Candidate after Project Veritas Report

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week Project Veritas released an undercover video recorded by a whistleblower revealing what Arizona Republican House candidate Alex Stovall really thought of the Republican Party.

In the video, Stovall explained that to win in Arizona, a candidate can’t be a “super right Republican.” He said if he gets endorsed by Donald Trump in his run for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District, and he believes he will get Trump’s endorsement, Stovall has no plans of publicly advertising it.

In addition to wanting to distance himself from Donald Trump, Stovall had a lot of negative things to say about North Carolina Republican Madison Cawthorn and podcaster Candace Owens.

Despite appearing with both Cawthorn and Owens, Stovall admitted that he didn’t like either of them. He said he lost respect for Candace Owens, though he admitted that he would still take her money if she donated to his campaign.

Then Stovall acknowledged that he finds the Republican Party “disgusting.” He said what Republicans like Kevin McCarthy and Madison Cawthorn are doing “should be criminal,” adding that all of them should be thrown in prison.

He bashed “the whole audit bull-crap thing,” saying it was nothing but a way to take money away from the American people. Interestingly, in an interview with Right Side Broadcasting during CPAC in July, Stovall described the audit as “paramount.”

Stovall is clearly attempting to walk the fine line of appealing to Trump supporters while distancing himself from Trump supporters to appeal to moderate voters.

Unfortunately, he managed to hoodwink Trump supporters in the process. Initially, Stovall was to be a VIP guest at Turning Point Action’s upcoming AmericaFest event in Phoenix. But the day after Project Veritas’ exposé was released, Turning Point rescinded Stovall’s invitation.

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk, who was fooled by Stovall, tweeted a warning to Republicans not to get fooled by frauds like Alex Stovall.

Watch the Project Veritas exposé of Alex Stovall HERE.