Tucker Carlson’s Allies Are Rising Up Against Fox News

After keeping quiet in the immediate aftermath of Tucker Carlson’s firing, allies for the former Fox News lead anchor are now engaged in an all-out attack on his former employer.

On Monday, a new report published by the Daily Signal quoted one of the former producers of the anchor’s show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” who talked about the internal policy at Fox News about gender identity at the workplace. This seems to be the latest attack being flung from Carlson’s camp as it appears the anchor may be preparing for a legal fight that seeks to free him from the remainder of his contract with Fox News.

Earlier in May, legal representation for Carlson released a letter that accused Fox News of “fraud and breach of contract” for his firing, which occurred in April. Just last week, a lawyer for Carlson accused one of Fox News’ board members of “illegally leaking information” about their client. 

On Monday, Carlson himself retweeted a clip that was posted by Chadwick Moore, one of his close allies, who claimed that Fox ended up firing Carlson because of the massive settlement the media organization agreed to with Dominion Voting Systems.

For their part, Fox News has consistently denied all of the claims that have been levied against them, and even said that suggestions that Carlson was ultimately fired because of the settlement with Dominion were “categorically false.”

The article published by the Daily Signal accused Fox News of being hypocritical over the issue of transgender people. It cited “current and former Fox employees who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the company.”

The former producer the media outlet sourced comment on the inclusive policy that Fox News had:

“They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values, but in reality, they’re pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.”

The media outlet – which is a product of The Heritage Foundation, a right-leaning think tank – detailed full sections of Fox News’ company handbook that was published back in January of 2021.

In referring to the handbook, the Daily Signal’s writer, Mary Margaret Olohan, wrote “under the category ‘Gender Transition,’ Fox’s employee handbook promises that the company is dedicated to ‘expanding and strengthening’ efforts to ‘sustain a more inclusive work environment.’”

According to the handbook, employees of the company are permitted to use whichever bathroom reflects the gender that they identify with. It also outlines usage of pronouns and dress codes that are meant to be inclusive of people’s preferences when it comes to gender identity.

Olohan also wrote, though, that the regulations Fox News puts forth in the handbook are in line with the legal requirements of the state of California as well as New York City, where a “large number of its employees work.”

In other words, Fox News may not have a choice but to abide by those standards. In fact, Fox News issued a statement in response to the article, which read that they are “compliant with all Human Rights laws mandated by the cities and states in which we operate, including New York and California.