Tucker Carlson Tells Republican Leaders To Quit In Disgrace

(JustPatriots.com)- Tucker Carlson is the most-watched man on television news for a reason – he says what people think. Fox News knows he does, too, which is why they’ve kept him on the network, despite their opposition to former President Donald Trump’s efforts to establish election integrity…and Carlson’s support for those efforts.

Carlson is known for being brutally honest about Republicans in Congress, and before we get to what he said on Tuesday, let’s look back at perhaps his most brutal interview ever.

Last year, Tucker laid into the GOP for not doing anything to rein in Big Tech, despite talking big on the issue and promising for years that they would finally do something to stop social media and big technology companies from silencing people.

In a segment last year with Rep. Jim Jordan, which has since become famous, Tucker slams Congressional Republicans for doing nothing. The segment was titled, “Lawmakers had a chance to grill big tech & failed.”

So true.

Take a look:

In the clip, Carlson reminded Rep. Jordan of a tweet he published describing how Big Tech is “out to get conservatives,” and that “it’s time they face the consequences.”

Carlson then gave Jordan a chance to tell frustrated people out there who don’t think Republicans have forced Big Tech to face any consequences over the past four years what consequences they will face.

Jordan then listed off a number of ways that Big Tech could be reined in, from reviewing Section 230 or anti-trust laws. But Carlson wasn’t impressed.

Fast forward to today, and Carlson is being just as brutal with Republicans who have done nothing to stop vaccine mandates.

He said that if Republicans can’t even stop this, then why have a Republican Party at all?

Check the clip below:

Carlson said that Republicans should consider signing off their Twitter accounts, stopping complaining about it, and taking a job at Quiznos instead.

Is there any news anchor more brutal – and honest – than Tucker Carlson?