Tucker Carlson Still Has Plenty Of Options

Tucker Carlson may be out at Fox News, but that doesn’t mean that his career is at an end.

According to CBS News, several conservative media outlets quickly made overtures to the popular, top-rated host, hoping to snatch him up now that he is a free agent.

The BlazeTV’s Glenn Beck said during his Monday program that his conservative media outlet would love to have Tucker Carlson join the ranks of its hosts. Speaking to Carlson directly, Beck said he “won’t miss a beat” if he joined BlazeTV.

Key Rumble host Dave Rubin also extended a teasing invitation for Carlson to join the growing free speech alternative to YouTube, tweeting, “Your move @TuckerCarlson…”

During a Twitter Space discussion Monday, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said he wouldn’t comment on if Rumble was interested in bringing Carlson on board.

Additionally, right-wing outlet One America News Network tweeted an open invitation from CEO Robert Herring to meet with Carlson to negotiate with him about possibly joining the network.

In addition to broadcast opportunities, Carlson was also courted by Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts. Carlson got his start with the Heritage Foundation before joining the Weekly Standard. Roberts said in a tweet that there will “always be a home” for Carlson at the conservative organization.

One leading Republican strategist told The Hill this week that Carlson is “influential” because he can “popularize an issue” nobody was even thinking about “overnight.”

According to The Hill, oddsmaker Bodava said the odd-on favorites for Carlson’s new job will either be hosting a late-night talk show or getting a permanent podcast on Spotify.

On Wednesday night, Carlson made his first public statement since Fox News fired him, releasing a video on Twitter where he blasted the “one-party state” and its donors for silencing opposing voices and shutting down debate to hide the truth.

However, Carlson offered no hints about what he plans to do next.