Tucker Carlson Slams Ambassador To Hungary While In Budapest

David Pressman, the United States Ambassador to Hungary, has been accused of criticizing the policies of his host nation’s anti-LGBTQ policies.

Tucker Carlson, the son of a career diplomat, is of the opinion that the actions of the United States Ambassador to Hungary are repugnant and cannot be justified in any way. Tucker holds the view that the goal of diplomacy is nothing more than to persuade other nations to support one’s position on issues that are advantageous to that nation. Carlson says the purpose of diplomacy is not to lecture other countries or go to the nation and yell at them because of how they are different from you.

David Pressman’s assault is because the other nations hold opinions that he finds disagreeable, yet he is acting on behalf of a tiny segment of the American public and an interest organization called the Human Rights Campaign, funded by the taxpayers of the United States.

Carlson indicated that this has never occurred in the past, and no one working for the State Department could ever get away with doing anything like that.

Tucker said he is mortified that he was born in the same nation as a heinous cretin.

The goal of American diplomacy in Eastern Europe was to free the nations so that the people of those countries might establish their independent governments, Carlson said. He said that people in the Soviet Union were encouraged to worship Lenin, whereas, in the United States of America, people were encouraged to worship transvestites. It is not right.

Carlson added that you may worship anybody or anything you like; it’s your home and nation.

Tucker believes that those now occupying positions of power in the nation are both dangerous and crazy. Diplomacy is about persuading other countries to take your side on issues that are beneficial to you; thus, the United States should not attempt to establish a worldwide empire based on imposing its boutique sexual politics on nations that do not want them.