Tucker Carlson Says The Working Class Has Won

(JustPatriots.com)- In a piece published on the Fox News website, popular anchor Tucker Carlson described how the working classes of Canada have “finally rebelled” and that it looks like they’re succeeding.

Referencing the ongoing trucker protests across Canada, which has seen hundreds of truckers parking their vehicles in the streets of Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, Carlson said that the working classes were responding to “years of relentless abuse.”

“Truck drivers are threatening to topple Justin Trudeau’s creepy little government with their big rigs, and they may succeed, actually,” he said.

It comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the nation and warned truckers to go home. He claimed that he “heard” them but that they should return home or face arrest and the loss of their jobs.

Does it really sound like he “heard” them?

Carlson compared the situation to the United States, and said that for the Democrats here it’s an obvious lesson. Over the last 48 hours, he said, Canadian truckers had blocked major trade routes between Canada and the United States – and then farmers got involved, driving their heavy agricultural equipment to the border between the United States and Manitoba.

“Eleven hundred miles away, a similar scene on the border of Ontario in the United States. Green tractors with Canadian flags lining the highway in protest, but the most meaningful blockade of all is taking place right now on the Ambassador Bridge,” he said.

Could it be that the only reason Democrats are lifting mask mandates in the United States and expressing optimism that the pandemic is coming to an end is that they fear a trucker convoy like the one seen in Canada?

Read Tucker’s full piece here.