Trump’s Popularity Surges Among Republicans In New Poll

( A majority of Republicans still support former President Donald Trump and would vote for him if he decided to run again.

A poll from Morning Consult/Politico released earlier this week showed that 54% of Republicans who responded to the survey said they’d vote for Trump in a GOP primary. The poll was taken between February 14-15, right after Trump’s second impeachment trial ended.

The former president’s approval rating had slipped to 42% among Republicans in January in that same poll, which was taken right after the attacks at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6.

It seems, though, that the Senate impeachment trial has shifted people’s mindsets again. Trump was acquitted in that trial by a vote of 57-43, with seven Republicans joining all 50 Democrats to vote for conviction.

Among Republican respondents to the poll, 59% said they believed that Trump should “play a major role” in the Republican Party’s future. That’s an 18% increase from the January poll.

What’s more, the percentage of Republican voters who feel that Trump was responsible for the riots on January 6 dropped as well month-over-month. That number hit 27% in February’s poll, a 14% drop from January’s poll.

Overall, though, voters believe that Trump is “at least partially responsible” for the violence on Capitol Hill, with 64% of the entire respondents saying they believed that way. And slightly more than half of respondents (51%) said they didn’t approve of the Senate acquitting Trump in his impeachment trial.

Overall, the outlook on the Republican Party as a whole has dropped significantly since the attacks on January 6. A Gallup poll that was conducted between January 21 and February 2 found only 37% of Americans had a positive view of the GOP. In November, that number was at 43%.

The biggest culprit of that drop was actually from people who identify as Republicans, too. The Gallup poll found that 78% of Republican voters had a positive view on the GOP as a whole, compared to 90% in November.

The same poll found that 48% of Americans viewed the Democratic Party positively. That was a 3-point increase from the November poll. Much of that came from people who identify as independents, with a 7% increase in favorability among that cohort between the two polls.

This marks the first time in almost eight years (October 2013) that Democrats had a margin in favorability that was double digits over Republicans. At that time, Republicans were attempting to defund various elements of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

That led to an obvious fight with Democrats that led to a partial government shutdown. The GOP favorability in October 2013 was 28%, the lowest it’s ever reached according to the Gallup poll.

At the same time, there are a lot of Republicans who are renouncing their party. A New York Times analysis concluded that in the 25 states that publish party registration data, more than 140,000 Republicans left the party in November alone.