Trump Wants $600 Unemployment Benefits EXTENSION, But Will Dems Support Him?

( President Donald Trump said during an interview on Tuesday that he wants the $600 unemployment benefits scheme to be extended, signaling his support for helping the American people while the national economy continues to rebuild after the COVID lockdown measures.

Speaking to Gray Television, President Trump said he supported the $600-per-week unemployment benefits system currently in place being extended for longer, explaining how American people are suffering through no fault of their own.

“It’s not their fault. It’s China’s fault that this whole thing happened,” he said. “So we want to take care of them, really good, take care of them very well.”

The move, in such an extraordinary time, shouldn’t be controversial but the nature of the modern Democratic Party means that if Trump said it, they’re likely to oppose it.

Jacqueline Policastro, the Washington Bureau Chief for Gray Television, asked the president if he thinks the program should continue.

“Yeah. I want to get them, I want to get them a lot,” he said.

After blaming China, the country where the virus first appeared and where the outbreak was mishandled in a way that it was allowed to spread into surrounding nations, the president started talking about the state of the economy before the outbreak.

“We were setting records. We were doing unbelievable business,” President Trump said. “It was an incredible thing. We’ve never done so well. Breaking records on employment, on the stock market, although the stock market’s almost what it was, which is pretty incredible in itself. But we were breaking every record you can do…and then this, the plague came in, and it’s not the people’s fault.”

Democrats have repeatedly stood in the way of President Trump’s efforts to help the American people, delaying several aid packages by trying to insert far-left policies into the legislation which had nothing to do with the coronavirus or economic recovery. This time around, it will presumably be even harder for the Democrats to stand in the way of President Trump and the Republicans advocating for greater unemployment benefits.