Trump To Meet With Jewish Leaders

( Reports show former President Donald Trump will meet with an Orthodox Jewish educational group Friday in Miami,

A report shows that the former President would address the annual President’s Conference of Torah Umesorah – National Society of Hebrew Day Schools at his club, National Doral. The event brings together leaders, educators, and Jewish social workers to promote Jewish private day schools and Torah-based religious education.

According to reports, Netanyahu criticized Trump during an appearance on the podcast “Honestly with Bari Weiss” for entertaining Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and rapper Ye (previously known as Kanye West) for a private Thanksgiving dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Trump denied knowing Fuentes and did not address antisemitic remarks made by Ye in the weeks preceding the meeting.

Netanyahu stated that Trump had been a terrific supporter of Israel and is unreservedly grateful for what he has done for Israel. He recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and did great things for Israel. Trump relocated the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and acknowledged sovereignty over the Golan Heights, from which Syria had assaulted Israel for years. Netanyahu is glad Trump got out of the deadly Iran deal. He said the dinner doesn’t take anything away from all of that, but he thinks Trump made a mistake and hopes that doesn’t happen again.

The mistake is judging a person before you find out the facts.

Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social that he helped Ye, a troubled man who has been decimated in his business and virtually everything else. He has always been good to Trump, so he answered Ye’s request for a meeting at Mar-a-Lago alone so that he could give him much-needed advice.

Trump explained that Ye showed up with three people, two of which Trump didn’t know, and a political person who he hadn’t seen in years.  Trump told Ye not to run for office because it would be a total waste of time, and he couldn’t win.

The dinner ended quickly.  But as Trump said, “The Fake News went CRAZY!”

The National File reports that Ye’s recent dinner with President Trump was joined by Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (MTG) former intern Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes.  Milo has admitted to working behind the scenes to “hurt” President Trump and “make his life miserable.”  All while remaining closely under MTG’s wing, according to those familiar with the situation.  Additionally, Yiannopoulos claims that Ye sought to have gay relations with him.

Another case of grifters in search of coattails.