Trump “Tipping Point” Suddenly Reported

( Former President Donald Trump has experienced several setbacks since announcing his third run for the White House.

He supported candidates at the height of the midterm election season, and it appeared that the Republican Party was inescapably under his control. A second attempt at reelection was gaining traction.

However, in the final weeks of 2022, things have drastically changed. His campaign launch on November 15 received mixed reactions from GOP lawmakers and hostility from conservative commentators because it took place just one week after the midterm elections and several crucial races had not yet been called.

Trump may have thought that making his announcement so early would give him an advantage, but he is beset by a mountain of scandals that threaten to derail his presidential campaign before it even gets off the ground.

President Donald Trump has been referred to a congressional committee for a possible criminal investigation into his involvement in the Capitol riot. The former president is also being investigated for his role in an attempt to rig the 2020 presidential election.

The House Ways and Means Committee voted to make public former President Donald Trump’s tax returns. The committee’s report also revealed that Trump paid little or no federal income taxes from 2015 to 2020.

President Donald Trump’s track record of endorsements suffered after the midterm elections.

The most significant blow to Trump’s reelection chances may come from early polling that predicts his defeat in 2024 to both Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and President Joe Biden.

DeSantis is regarded as a top contender and the party’s favorite as an alternative to Trump, even though he hasn’t said whether he’d run for president. According to the Wall Street Journal, DeSantis is currently ahead of Trump in several recent polls, which found that the Republican governor has a 52% to 38% advantage over the former president.

The GOP primary field is expected to get crowded soon, so it is too early to say who has the best chance of winning the upcoming presidential election.

Early polling also indicates that Biden would prevail in a hypothetical rematch with Trump, with the president leading his predecessor by 45% to 41% in a recent YouGov poll.