Trump Tells “Fox And Friends” The Election Isn’t Over

( Ahead of the Electoral College vote, President Donald Trump told Fox and Friends that the battle to preserve election integrity and undo the damage done by fraud in the 2020 election wasn’t over.

In the interview, which was aired on Sunday morning, the president said that the Supreme Court’s decision to reject a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas against battleground states that used unconstitutional mail-in ballot rules in their elections won’t stop him from fighting on.

“No, it’s not over,” the president said. “We keep going and we’re going to continue to go forward. We have numerous local cases.”

The president also repeated claims he has made repeatedly since election day, including that he won the states of Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. His claim is backed up by thousands of sworn affidavits from regular Americans, Republicans and Democrats, who say that they witnessed fraud and misconduct in the counting of the ballots that could have drastically changed the results of the election.

President Trump was asked about the Electoral College vote, which came on Monday and ultimately voted for Joe Biden.

“We’re going to speed it up as much as we can, but you can only go fast,” the president said. “They gave us very little time. But we caught them, as you know, as fraudulent, dropping ballots, doing so many things, nobody can even believe it.”

Speaking after attending the Army-Navy football game, the president said that tens of thousands of ballots were illegally cast in the names of dead voters, and described how Democrats “outsmarted” Democrats by breaking the rules.

“This wasn’t like a close election,” he said. “You look at Georgia. We won Georgia big. We won Pennsylvania big. We won Wisconsin big. We won it big.”

The casting of the votes by presidential electors on Monday did not go as smoothly as expected for the Democrats, with GOP electors casting their votes for President Trump in battleground states allegedly won by Joe Biden.

We may not know who the next president will be until inauguration day on January 20.