Trump Slams Biden Hard Over Border Crisis

Last Friday, Trump’s new campaign video attacked President Joe Biden for claiming he has taken all necessary steps to resolve the illegal immigration issue.

The 30-second campaign ad, titled “CRISIS AT THE BORDER,” was released by Trump on his Truth Social account.  The ad is based on a quotation from Biden after his answer to a question about whether he has used his executive power to its fullest extent in relation to the illegal immigration problem.

According to Biden, who is leading the charge in the Senate for bipartisan legislation on border security, all you have to do is give him the authority.

With pictures of illegal migrants as a background, the advertisement plays Biden’s words. The video uses text from news articles revealing dangerous policies and initiatives, such as the Trump administration’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy being ended by the Biden administration, a 100-day pause to deportations, the termination of workplace immigration raids by Biden, and the end of deportations based purely on illegal status.

Should Trump, as predicted, win the Republican nominee for president, the immigration problem is likely to once again serve as the campaign’s focal point.

According to reports, almost 8 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States over the southern border during Biden’s three years as president. According to statistics from Customs and Border Protection, the total number of interactions at the border in the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2023, was a record breaking 2,475,669.

Over 3.1 million interactions are expected along the border by the end of this fiscal year, which is only three months into the program. With 302,034 interactions recorded in December, CBP set a new monthly record for the United States.

Republicans have used the situation as an opportunity to attack the Biden administration, while Democrats worry that it is damaging their political careers.