Trump Says GOP Will Always Be The Party For Women Over Trans Anarchy

( During a packed rally in Michigan on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump addressed the issue that the far left, the media, and the social media platforms don’t want us talking about:


The former president told the crowd that the Democratic Party is “waging war on reality, war on science, war on children, war on women.”

It’s a strong message and one that the world needs to hear.

If the Democrats thought that 2016 was a bitter battle, just wait and see what 2024 will look like after the world has faced years of Democrats claiming men are women and that the word “woman” doesn’t even have a full definition.

“The Republican Party is now the party of American women and American children and we will protect women in sports, women in sports!” he said,” and now allow men to enter into the women’s games.”

Can you imagine if we told Republicans and Democrats in 1990 what the political debate would look like in the 2020s?

Do you think anybody would have predicted that the Democrats would want the world to believe that anyone can be a woman if they just say that they are? And that women can have penises?

Come on.

The reaction to Trump’s comments, from the diverse crowd, was overwhelmingly positive – and we expect the reaction of the American public when he (almost certainly) runs again in 2024 will be just as positive…if not even more positive.

Let’s hope Republicans stay strong on this issue, and remember that the majority of Americans are with them on this.

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