Trump Says Fox News is On The War Path Against Him

( Donald Trump said on Thursday that Fox News “always” finds polling results that make him “appear as awful as possible” for his third presidential run.

The former President’s affection for the network has significantly diminished since he left office, and the 2024 presidential election is fueling their deteriorating relationship.

Early polling indicates that there is significant support for other Republicans, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who several Fox anchors praised after he won a decisive midterm victory in an otherwise lackluster election for the party.

Trump stated on Truth Social, “I’m ‘killing’ everybody in the Polls, but FoxNews always can find an outlier, usually old and non-credible, that makes me look as bad as possible.”

Trump claimed on Thursday that Fox News was collaborating with Club For Growth, a conservative political action organization, as well as “losers like Karl Rove and their Board Member, Paul Ryan – Globalists All.”

“We are WINNING BIG. MAGA! “said he.

In the previous year, Trump and Club for Growth also had a falling out. The anti-tax group used to be a steadfast supporter of Trump, but the partnership ended when each backed a different candidate in the Ohio and Pennsylvania Senate contests last spring.

Since then, the PAC has fully backed DeSantis, publishing a number of polls showing the governor ahead in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, and Georgia, including one, commissioned just before Trump announced his 2024 candidacy.

Trump is still the only Republican candidate to announce a run in 2024.

The network acknowledged that Trump “remains the most influential politician and powerful fundraiser in the Republican Party” but noted that a “handful of public opinion polls” released last month showed DeSantis an advantage while Trump’s involvement in the midterm elections hurt his popularity.

In a fictitious 2024 contest, DeSantis has a double-digit advantage against Trump, according to a recent survey from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 42 percent to 30 percent, Fox reported last week.

Trump’s increasing distancing from Fox News and the Club for Growth is part of a broader GOP disagreement that has formed in the aftermath of the midterm elections and his run for president in 2024.

Many of Trump’s wealthiest supporters, like Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, have said they won’t support another bid for the White House. According to a November Guardian story, the media tycoon “made it plain” to Trump that he would not back his third presidential bid.