Trump Says Biden Planning On “Locking Americans In Their Basements”

( President Donald Trump is well and truly back in 2016 mode. During a press event on Thursday afternoon, the president trolled the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over the fact that he has spent most of the campaign so far in the basement of his Delaware home.

“Sleepy Joe rejects the scientific approach in favor of locking all Americans in their basement for months on end,” President Trump said, referencing the fact that he Democratic candidate recently called for a national face mask mandate.

Joe Biden and his thoroughly unlikeable vice-presidential pick Kamala Harris appeared at a joint press conference this week in which they said that all states should require Americans to wear a mask when they leave their home. It stands in stark contrast to President Trump’s policy of encouraging people to wear a mask of their own volition instead.

President Trump recognized the move for what it is: a clear attempt at trying to politicize the virus and attack the president during a presidential election campaign.

“To Joe, I would say stop playing politics with the virus,” Trump said. “Too serious. Partisan politics has no place here.”

Damn. That’s brutal.

Trump also questioned whether Biden even knew exactly what he was proposing, and questioned whether any president would even have the authority to order a mandate like that. It’s something the president has refused to do, not just because it’s an overreach generally, but because technically a president shouldn’t be able to do that.

“If the president has the unilateral power to order every single citizen to cover their face in nearly all instances, what other powers does he have?” Trump asked the press.

“He does not identify what authority or how federal law enforcement could enforce it,” the president added. “Why we would step on governors of our country?”

And, it’s a good question. The Democrats were appalled recently when President Donald Trump signed an executive order granting American workers a further $400 per week in unemployment benefits until the end of September. They argued that it might have been illegal, but the truth is that the president was forced to act after Democrats refused to negotiate in good faith to bring much-needed money to out-of-work Americans.

Now, they’re suggesting that they would support a mandate from Joe Biden, should he become president, to force people to either stay at home or cover their faces.

Hypocrisy much?