Trump Reveals 2024 Game Plan To Woman In The Crowd

( Has Donald Trump made his decision to run again in 2024? While the former President has claimed repeatedly that he will not formally say until after the 2022 Midterm elections, he has on a few occasions hinted that he is leaning toward running again.

While speaking to a small crowd at Bedminster over the weekend, a woman in the group shouted to the former President “We need you back!” Trump responded telling her “You’re going to be very happy.” Naturally, the assembled crowd cheered in response.

Some believe another possible hint that Trump plans to run in 2024 is the unprecedented amount of money he is raising for several political actions committees he set up.

According to a Politico report from last week, Trump’s political committees raised $82 million during the first half of 2021 and currently have among them $102 million in the bank.

Trump has three political action committees – Make America Great Again PAC, Save America, and a leadership PAC he launched shortly after the 2020 election. The majority of the fundraising haul has gone to Save America which took in more than $62 million and finished June with over $90 million in the bank.

However this massive fundraising isn’t necessarily proof that Trump is planning to run again. As Politico points out in its article, while the former President can use these funds to travel, hold events, run ad campaigns and hire advisers, the money in these leadership PAC funds cannot be used to finance a presidential campaign.

Instead, Politico reports that much of the money raised will be spent ahead of the 2022 Midterm elections in which Trump hopes to play an active role in endorsing and campaigning for Republican candidates.

Not all Trump supporters are eager for the former President to run again in 2024. Like many others, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has argued against another Trump run – citing Trump’s age as a primary reason. Trump, like Biden is now, would be 78 years old. Walsh, like many American First votes, believes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a far better choice to carry the torch in 2024.