Trump Reacts to Biden/Putin Meeting

( Last Tuesday, President Biden held a virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. And on the day before the meeting, former President Donald Trump told Newsmax he was not optimistic that the meeting would be productive, arguing that Joe Biden is in over his head.

In a phone interview with Newsmax hosts Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith, Trump said any meeting between Biden and Putin wouldn’t be a fair match-up, comparing a meeting between the two leaders to the New England Patriots playing a high school football team.

After going on his favorite tangent about the stolen election, Trump said nobody was as tough on Russia as he was, citing his decision to sanction the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He blasted the Democrat narrative throughout his presidency that he was soft on Russia, arguing that while he got along with Putin, he remained tough on Russia.

Watch Trump’s interview on Newsmax HERE.

After he met with Putin on Tuesday, President Biden spoke with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to reassure him that the US supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He reportedly told Zelenskyy that the US and NATO would respond to Russian aggression by increasing sanctions and providing further defensive aid to Ukraine.

But on Thursday, the Associated Press reported that some administration officials have suggested that the United States may urge Ukraine to formally cede parts of eastern Ukraine currently controlled by Russian-backed separatists as a way to avoid a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

So not only did Biden cave to Putin on Nord Stream 2, but now the administration might make Ukraine surrender a portion of its territory to Russia as well.

The stunning report explains the “challenge” facing the President is finding a way to get Ukraine to accept the “facts on the ground” and cede territory without it looking like Biden is caving to Putin. What’s more, the administration wants to find a way to cave to Putin that doesn’t result in Republicans “pouncing” on Biden caving to Putin.

Another “challenge” facing Biden is Ukraine’s desire to join NATO. On this issue, President Putin has been unwavering in his opposition. According to the AP, senior State Department officials have said that approval for Ukraine to join NATO is unlikely to happen in the next decade.