Trump Picking Ron DeSantis Could Guarantee A GOP Victory

( The 19FortyFive website reports that T-shirts with the campaign slogan “Donald Trump – Ron DeSantis 2024” may be purchased on It is not apparent whether the t-shirts, which are labeled as The Perfect Republican Ticket and merge the two most renowned characters in the party, represent a probable political program or are only a GOP fantasy. In any case, the merger of the two figures remains unclear.

There are a lot of things that would have to go right in order for DeSantis to wind up on Trump’s ticket.

To begin, Donald Trump would have to make an official announcement that he is running for president in 2024.

Second, Trump would have to emerge victorious from the Republican primary, which might very well be marked by a robust contest from DeSantis himself.

Third, Trump would have to nominate DeSantis as his running mate for vice president of the United States.

Four, DeSantis would be required to acknowledge the offer and accept it. The possibility that we will get through the maze of options and end up with a ticket consisting of Trump and DeSantis is low, but it is unquestionably feasible.

Let’s have a look at the probabilities:

The first step is for Donald Trump to officially enter the race for the presidency in 2024. It is difficult to imagine Donald Trump turning down the opportunity to serve as Commander-in-Chief once again, despite the fact that he hasn’t done so as of yet (possibly at the urging of GOP leaders who don’t want Trump’s bombast and divisiveness to motivate support for Democrats before the 2022 midterm elections).

However, despite the fact that he hasn’t done so yet, it is hard to imagine Trump doing so in the future.
In addition, the recent raid at Mar-a-Lago conducted by the FBI has given Trump a lift in popularity and support; as a result, he may feel more confident.

Predicting whether or not Donald Trump will face a primary challenge in 2024 is tough. For one thing, Trump has previously been defeated in a presidential election. Although Trump continues to lead DeSantis in the polls as of right now, the gap between them is getting smaller.

Running two ticketmates from the same state on the same ticket serves as an electoral redundancy.

Donald Trump will not ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to join the Republican presidential ticket, according to Paul Manfort, who served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager during the 2016 election.

However, this does not rule out the possibility that something could happen between the two men. Putting the two most prominent figures in the Republican Party on the same stage may be awkward, but they seem to get along very well.