Trump Niece Demands Betrayal Of Trump By Other Family Members

( The perpetually unhappy niece of former President Donald Trump was back on MSNBC last week lobbing attacks at her estranged uncle while feeding the anti-Trump Resistance another dopamine hit.

Mary Trump appeared on “Deadline: White House” with the odious Nicolle Wallace last Thursday where she predicted Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner will turn on the former president if they think it’s in their best interests to do so.

Keep in mind that Mary Trump is estranged from her family. She hasn’t clapped eyes on them in years. But for some reason, the dopes at CNN and MSNBC believe this on-the-outs Trump relative has the inside scoop when it comes to Donald Trump and his family.

Bringing up Jared and Ivanka cooperating with the January 6 select committee while former Trump advisor Peter Navarro refused, Nicolle Wallace told the grumpy, frumpy Trump that she is the “only person” who can explain how Jared and Ivanka could “end up on the other side of Navarro.”

How is Mary Trump the “only person” who could answer the question? Mary Trump doesn’t know Peter Navarro from Peter Rabbit, and she hasn’t been in the same room with Ivanka Trump for years. She isn’t the “only person” Wallace can ask; she’s the last person Wallace should ask.

But her lack of knowledge didn’t stop the hateful Mary Trump. She told Wallace that it has “everything to do” with how each party thinks things will go in the future.

Mindreader that she is, Mary Trump concluded that if Ivanka and Jared “feel” that sticking by Donald Trump isn’t going to work out well for them, “they will throw him under the bus.”

And she knows this how?

When’s the last time Ivanka spoke to this woman? The chances that Mary Trump knows what is going on in the minds of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are non-existent.

But the angry shrew wasn’t done. She told Wallace that tossing Trump under the bus would be Jared and Ivanka’s “last resort,” adding that their “mission” right now “is to appear measured and reasonable.”

This is what passes for “news” at MSNBC.

Watch the clip HERE.