Trump May Have Baited The FBI

( The FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago on Monday was peculiar. The establishment media was kept in the dark, unlike other FBI raids on Trump associates, including those on Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Peter Navarro, and Steve Bannon. They had no warning.

How were we made aware of the raid? Around 6:30 EDT on Monday, Trump announced on his social media website.

Consider this. Nobody in the Trump orbit aware of the raid at Mar-a-Lago spoke a single word about this heinous attack. Not one. Surprisingly, the FBI also chose to remain silent. This is not all there is to it.

I used to admire the FBI. In 1990, I coordinated the State Department’s Terrorism Rewards Program with Floyd Clarke, the deputy director of the FBI. In the summer of 1990, Floyd and I met at the Friar’s Club in New York City and talked about the future public service advertisements I was creating. Floyd was a good person.

My buddies are Larry Mefford, Chris Whitcomb, Ed Ball, Denny Kline, George Alznauer, and other former FBI agents. Virtuous, upright men all. I collaborated closely with the FBI to find the Libyans responsible for the Pan Am 103 bombing. I was present when, with the help of the CIA, the FBI identified the location in Switzerland where the Libyans purchased the timer (a MEBO timer) used to detonate Pan Am 103.

That has passed. The FBI is wicked, dishonest, and illegal. People like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok have abandoned sacrosanct ideals in favor of political politics, which has damaged the FBI’s reputation. The FBI has to be abolished and placed in other departments. No longer able to trust the FBI.

It’s possible that President Trump baited the FBI into their illegal and unjustified raid on Donald Trump’s home, which caused the outcry. Why do I say that? The FBI was persuaded by President Trump that he was hiding crucial information about the CrossFire Hurricane in his cellar and that this knowledge may endanger the FBI. The law is no longer critical to the criminal Wray. His top goal is to keep the FBI safe. With the backing of Garland and Biden, Wray decided to strike Trump’s Florida home rather than wait and run the danger of being exposed by the president.
Why did Mr. Trump hold off publicly announcing that the FBI was acting like the Soviet KGB or the East German Stasi all day? I believe that was a consciously made a choice. The FBI is being exposed by Donald Trump for their violent criminals.

I also have a pal. He was the second-in-command of the DEA office in New York City. He planned the arrest of Kiki Mosquera, who was responsible for bombing an Avianca flight under Pablo Escobar’s command. The FBI attempted to accuse my friend Jack of obstructing justice after he handcuffed Mosquera (it was a wet night in Queens, NY). FBI wanted the spotlight and was prepared to pursue legal action against an American citizen for detaining an actual terrorist. Jack has never liked the FBI.