Trump Leads Biden In Shocking 2024 Poll

( Are voters eager for a Biden/Trump rematch in 2024?

Based on a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll, not so much.

Morning Consult asked respondents if they thought Donald Trump and Joe Biden should run again in 2024.

Only 35 percent of respondents believe Trump should “definitely” or “probably” run again while only 28 percent of respondents said the same about Joe Biden.

An overwhelming majority, 61 percent, think Donald Trump should “definitely” or “probably” sit it out. Likewise, a large majority, 64 percent, think Biden should also give 2024 a pass.

Broken down by party, more Republicans, 66 percent, think Trump should run again compared to only 51 percent of Democrats who say the same about a Joe Biden reelection.

In short, while Trump and Biden can both get a majority in their parties to back a 2024 run, Independent voters don’t seem entirely convinced about either of them, which wouldn’t bode well for a general election.

In the latest Trafalgar Group survey conducted last week, likely voters gave Donald Trump the edge over Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 match-up, 47.9 percent to 42.6 percent.

Among Democrats, 68.8 percent said they would stick with Joe over Trump while 19.6 percent of Democrats chose Trump.

Among Republicans, a decisive 80 percent chose Trump while 12.6 percent of Republicans said they would rather vote for Joe.

Independents are nearly evenly split, however, with 46.4 percent opting for Trump and 44.1 percent opting for Biden.