Trump Leads Biden By 5 Points In New 2024 Poll

( Yet another poll shows former President Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in a hypothetical presidential rematch.

On Thursday, a poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies gave former President Trump 43% support and Joe Biden a measly 38%.

The poll also showed more good news for the former president, with 87% of those who voted for him in 2020 committing themselves to vote for him a second time in 2024, presuming he’s on the ticket.

A mere 77% of Biden’s 2020 voters said that they would vote for him a second time – explaining why former President Trump would win in a hypothetical rematch.

The study showed that former President Donald Trump would have even better odds of winning the race in 2024 if he went up against Vice President Kamala Harris – who has already proven to be the least popular vice president in modern American history.

In that scenario, Trump would take 44% support while Harris would only scrape together 35%.

See for yourself:

This presents a problem for the Democrats. They can’t let Biden run again because they know he’ll lose, given his performance even less than two years on the job. They also know that they can’t jump to Kamala Harris as the next candidate because the American people hate her even more.

Give it a few more months and the Democrats will be scrambling for an entirely new candidate…