Trump LEADING In Michigan Says New Trafalgar Group Poll

( The Trafalgar Group is the only polling company that, days before the presidential election, correctly predicted that President Donald Trump had the edge in key battleground states in 2016. Once again, the polling company is proving their worth by releasing a series of polls that say something different than many of those commissioned by big, left-wing networks.

A new survey suggests that President Donald Trump has the edge in Michigan, a battleground state. Taken between August 24 and 23, with 1,048 likely voters responding, the poll showed President Donald Trump with 46.6% of the vote compared to Biden’s 45.2%.

It’s quite a different story than the one being told a month ago, where several polls showed former Vice President Joe Biden with a double-digit lead over President Donald Trump.

It seems that his VP pick Kamala Harris has not been anywhere near as popular as he’d hoped and that riots from Democrat voters aren’t exactly going down well. And why would they?

It’s worth noting that Trump’s lead is still within the margin of error for the study, but it’s also important to consider the fact that this poll was taken before the Republican National Convention. That means the polls don’t reflect the views of voters on the event, though looking at the content, it’s hard to imagine it turned anybody off. Compared to the DNC, the RNC was hugely positive, forward-looking, and inclusive.

Interestingly, the poll was taken during the DNC. So clearly that didn’t help Biden very much.

Earlier this week, the Trafalgar Group published another survey that looked at Wisconsin. It found President Donald Trump also had a slight edge in the state, which he won by just a few tens of thousands of votes last time.

What’s more, a new poll suggests that as much as 12% of voters will now tell pollsters if they are planning on voting for President Donald Trump. When you account for that massive “shy” Trump vote then suddenly this election gets even more interesting.