Trump Is America’s Most Beloved Politician This July 4th

( A week after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, giving abortion back to the states, it was projected that Republicans would be hurt in the polls. But Republicans are currently looking more favorable, especially former President Donald Trump on this Independence Day.

Trump has set a new record, as he is now the most favored politician in the United States. According to a Harvard Caps Harris Poll, surveying 1,308 registered voters, a total of 42% have a favorable view of Trump, pulling a couple points ahead of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. Former Vice President Mike Pence is in third place and Joe Biden sits in fourth place.

Trump is also doing well amongst the “most favorable” rating with 26%. For perspective, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes in second place with just 19%, as well as an overall favorable rating of 34%, eight points below Trump.

Democratic politicians, by contrast, are not doing so well. Far left socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only have a 27% favorability rating while 40% views her unfavorably. Drunkard Nancy Pelosi fairs even worse, where 56% view her unfavorably. And Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who was a failed presidential candidate twice and whose husband cheated on her, is unfavored by 53%.

It comes as no surprise that both Biden and Harris are in the same sinking ship. They are 38-37% favorable and 54-50% unfavorable, respectively.

The GOP is ranking higher than the Democrats in the same poll, with a net approval rating at -10 (55% disapproving and 45% approving), while Democrats have a net approval of -20 (60% disapproving and 40% approving).

The majority of those surveyed say that inflation is a top concern. This highlights other polls that are reflecting a similar sentiment. As inflation and gas prices continue to creep higher, with no alleviation or concern by the administration, Americans are seeing their spending power shrink.

The U.S. is also facing an ongoing baby formular shortage but the administration refuses to give any updates on the matter, with the new press secretary claiming that there is nothing new to comment on.