Trump Is Already Benefiting From The FBI Raid

( The “Never-Trump” conservative magazine, National Review, penned an op-ed last week observing that the former president has benefited from the FBI’s raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago. The raid has undoubtedly been the subject of back-to-back coverage and Trump stands to profit from it, according to the article’s author.

Fox News has ranked highest in network ratings since the raid, winning a key demographic, 25 to 54 year-olds, over both CNN and MSNBC. Tucker Carlson Tonight and Sean Hannity were among Fox’s top shows.

Trump reportedly jumped on the opportunity to promote the raid after immediately issuing a press release calling this “dark times for our nation.” For a magazine that disdains Trump’s brand of conservatism, such a statement is regarded as dramatic and opportunist. Trump did, however, follow the scandal up with a “fundraising appeal and a campaign-style video,” signifying the end to a time when an FBI raid would imply the end to someone’s political aspirations.

Nevertheless, Trump has reportedly managed to make himself the center of the party once again, though his reign on the party has been solidified as his endorsed candidates are assuming office against those who are not MAGA supporters. Not only is Liz Cheney projected to overwhelmingly lose her seat as Wyoming representative given her dismal numbers, but five-term incumbent representative for South Carolina, Tom Rice, lost his re-election bid to Trump-endorsed candidate Russell Fry.

Trump’s ability to use the raid as a political weapon of his own against the system trying to prosecute him “either speak[s] to the FBI’s loss of credibility over the Russia investigation, Trump’s corruption of our politics, or a bit of both,” the author suggests. Regardless, Trump has galvanized Republicans and his base to, generating a narrative of his own to combat that against him.

The author also claims that Trump’s opponents would “hold their fire” and not use potential incriminating information that the FBI might find on the former president because that would label them as being in the league with the “witch hunters.”