Trump Indictment Aftermath Revealed In New Polls

The indictment by DA Bragg in NYC has boosted Trump’s popularity among both primary and general election voters, according to a survey conducted by McLaughlin.

Current polling data released by former President Donald Trump’s campaign after his arrest indicates he has a significant lead in the Republican primary and over Democratic President Joe Biden in a potential general election battle. 

According to a survey conducted by Trump’s pollster John McLaughlin, who is generally considered one of the top Republican pollsters in the industry, Trump is ahead of Biden by 47% to 43%. 

With majority support at 51% and DeSantis’s support falling by double digits to 21%, Trump has acquired a commanding lead against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary. Trump’s hypothetical approval rating against DeSantis is now above 60%, at 63%, while DeSantis’s has plummeted to 30%, from 40%, in the same hypothetical scenario. 

With this 33 percent difference between them, Trump has more than quadrupled his 12 percent advantage head-to-head against DeSantis in January from the same pollster, which equates to a net 22-point swing against DeSantis and an overwhelming victory for Trump. 

Fifty-seven percent of Republican primary voters indicated they were more likely to vote for Trump, while just eight percent said they were less likely. For 33% of the electorate, Bragg’s indictment increased the likelihood that they would vote for Trump, while just 20% said it decreased their likelihood. Four percent were unclear, and 44% said it didn’t matter. 

Voters in the general election also overwhelmingly agreed that there is a double standard between Biden and Trump regarding investigations and that Biden and the extreme left have militarized the judicial system to persecute their political opponents. Statistics on the percentage of voters who agree with Joe Biden and the Democrats, the rate of voters who agree that Biden and the Democrats are spending too much time and resources attacking Trump, and the percentage of voters who agree that Biden and the Democrats are spending too much time and resources attacking Trump is the most important information presented in this text.

If Trump can successfully turn the tables on Biden on this topic, it has the potential to become a mighty general election issue and determining factor for voters. If internal Democratic polling shows similar results, this might explain why Biden has been so quick to distance himself from Bragg since the indictment decision was announced.