Trump: “I Have Not Conceded!”

( Remember in the wake of the last presidential election when smug Democrats tried to force then-President Donald Trump to concede the election, despite evidence of widespread fraud, corruption, and misconduct?

Well, even though the former president is no longer in the White House, he confirmed recently during an interview that he still has not conceded and will never concede.

And why should he?

During an interview with David Brody on Real America’s News on Monday this week, former President Trump said that he won’t ever concede the last election and won’t back down in his fight to restore election integrity.

The president offered insights on a wide range of issues, and also discussed his upcoming trip to the United States-Mexico border with Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Brody asked the former president about his recent comments during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox, when he said that the headlines are wrong to say that he had “admitted defeat” in the last election.

“No, I never admitted defeat,” Trump said. “I have never used the word concede.”

That’s true, right? Remember back to the speech the former president gave in December 2020, in which he said that he would be willing to step aside if he had to. He never once said he conceded.

Trump also reminded Brody that Democrats appear to have changed their tune on the issue of election fraud, reminding listeners that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once claimed there was massive election fraud. But unlike Hillary Clinton’s claims, former President Trump actually has evidence of fraud.

And we could be about to see that evidence, with the result of Arizona’s forensic election analysis expected within a matter of weeks.

You can hear the interview with the former president on Real America’s Voice.