Trump Holds Onto Cash He’s Fundraised In Strategic Move

( Former President Donald Trump is raking in loads of money on the fundraising trail, but for now, he’s holding onto a lot of it.

The latest Federal Election Commission filings show that Trump’s Save America PAC has $108 million on hand at the end of January. That being said, the leadership PAC didn’t make any donations in January, despite the former president backing many candidates for the upcoming midterm elections.

The leadership PAC did spend $1.5 million during the month of January, but it also brought in $4.1 million that month.

At the same time, the Republican National Committee was able to raise $13 million in January. It also spent $17.6 million supporting candidates, including donating $5 million to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Since Trump left the White House in January of 2021, he’s backed more than 120 candidates for different political positions around the country. Roughly half of those people are running for a position in the federal government, but he’s also supported people for local positions, for state positions and for prime minister of Hungary even.

That being said, the Save America PAC hasn’t spent a lot of money just yet directly supporting the candidates that Trump is supporting for these offices. It’s very possible that they could change, though, as the primaries for the midterm elections are about to start.

Since July, Trump’s PAC donated a total of $350,500 to various candidates. During the same time period, it spent $838,000 on staging events and expenses related to that.

The PAC has been able to bring in so much money because Trump hasn’t stopped fundraising, even though he no longer holds an official political office. He’s done especially well with small donations, focusing a lot on email communications.

Trump does so well with the so-called “small-dollar” donations that the RNC harnesses the former president’s power and influence in its pitches as well. Those donors gave a total of $6.7 million during the month of January to the RNC.

The former president finds himself in a really great position with this PAC, since he isn’t in fact holding any political office or is running for one just yet. Official candidates are barred from spending any campaign money on their personal expenses, per federal law.

However, that doesn’t apply to any money that is raised for a Political Action Committee. As such, Trump is able to raise all these millions of dollars, and then hold onto them to use at future times. That could be used for hold his famous rallies, financially support any organizations or groups that promote an agenda he supports, and eventually purchase media air time.

Trump would need to spend much of this money on things other than a potential run for president in 2024, though. Once he announces that he’s a candidate for president, the PAC would only be able to donate $5,000 to his campaign.

That means that if and when Trump announces that he’s running for president, he won’t be able to use this war chest for that effort.