Trump Hints Possible McCarthy Replacement

( Former President Donald Trump has voiced his approval for Senator Rick Scott to succeed Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader of the Senate in the event that the GOP successfully retakes control of the chamber.

During coverage of the midterm elections, when speaking with the conservative commentator Glenn Beck, President Trump referred to Scott as “very undervalued.” On Twitter, Jason Campbell was the one who started spreading the clip around, causing it to go viral.

“So, will you back Rick Scott in the coming days to take his place as Florida governor?” Beck asked.

Trump said that, in his opinion, Rick is quite capable. In his view, he is a really intelligent individual who works very hard and never stops. He served the state of Florida as Governor with distinction. He is an excellent Senator and did a fantastic job.

Trump said, “And it’s a little problematic because, you know, McConnell gives them their 20 million dollars.”

“I believe that if you supported it and the people of the United States realized what was at risk and that there is an option. I believe the pressure that is being put on by the people of the United States could result in a change,” Beck suggested.

Trump said that it seems to him that McConnell is under a lot of strain. His wife is a significant figure in the Chinese investment community, which benefits him, his family, and China. He said that does not seem to be appropriate.

“No, I believe Rick Scott would be a far better choice than Mitch McConnell,” Trump concluded.

Trump stated again that he was not a big admirer of Mitch McConnell or his wife, Elaine Chao, who served as the former Secretary of Transportation for the United States.

“…No, I’m not a fan of McConnell, but Rick Scott is one of my favorite politicians.”

Trump even said, “you have others in there that would be wonderful.”