Trump DA Letter Released To Public

According to a new letter from election crimes prosecutor Fani Willis, indictments of former President Donald Trump are expected to be handed down in the month of August.


Observers see the grand jury investigation into former President Donald Trump’s attempt to reverse election results in Georgia as the most severe legal threat to Trump.

Most of the Georgia prosecutor’s team will work from home for the first three weeks of August, an extraordinary move by the person overseeing the investigation into former President Donald J. Trump and his friends. She has also requested that the judges at a courthouse in downtown Atlanta delay scheduling trials linked to the probe for that period of time.

Ms. Willis described the remote work plan and made the request to judges in a letter mailed on Thursday to 21 authorities in Fulton County, including the main county judge, Ural Glanville, and the sheriff, Pat Labat. These actions suggest that Willis expects indictments to be unsealed by the grand jury in late summer.

Ms. Willis sent an email thanking the court for their consideration and assistance in keeping the Fulton County Judicial Complex safe during “this time.”

She has already asked the F.B.I. to help with courtroom and public space security.

Ms. Willis had previously written that the grand jury’s term, which runs from July 11 to September 1, is when any charges related to the investigation of Donald Trump would be brought. It appears that additional information on the schedule was included in the letter sent out on Thursday.

The jury’s foreperson Emily Kohrs went on a bit of a media blitz in February, suggesting that Trump was in for some trouble. This prompted an angry response from Trump and criticism from media figures. Because of this, the grand jury inquiry became widely known for the first time.