Trump Campaign Pulls Ad Spending In Swing States To Focus On GROUND Game

( President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has pulled television ads from the air in a number of swing states with a view to reducing spend and focusing more on their ground game. Ads have been pulled from the TV in Nevada, Ohio, and Iowa – three important swing states – over concerns about over-spending.

It comes after the Trump campaign pulled in less money than expected in August.

Perhaps what’s most incredible about this situation, however, is that even though the president took in a record amount of money in August, it will still less than expected. The Republicans took in $210 million, but it was dwarfed by the $364.5 million that the Democrats pulled in from various big donors. Biden took in the biggest sum of cash in a single month in the history of presidential election campaigns, proving just how desperate some big businesses and celebrities are to help the far-left Democrats win in November.

The move is likely to come as a surprise to anybody familiar with election campaigns, with just 50 days left until people go to the polls. The Democrats are spending more than ever on TV ads all over the country, while President Trump’s re-election campaign has said that they are reallocating their funds to strategies that are already working. The Republican National Committee told the press that they are investing resources in building their already gigantic ground game, contacting voters directly and knocking on doors.

It’s a drastically different strategy to Biden and the Democrats who are plastering the airwaves with ads while Biden refuses to leave his basement.

Biden’s campaign manager told CNN that while both the Democrats and the Republicans are “raising massive amounts of money,” they both have “different priorities about how to spend it.”

“In addition to advertising, President Trump’s campaign has invested heavily in a muscular field operation and ground game that will turn out voters while the Biden campaign is waging almost exclusively an air war,” Bill Stepien said, before saying they like their strategy better.

Of course they like it better – it means they don’t have to go out and talk to voters!

While the Democrats continue their air war, President Trump has also begun holding gigantic rallies again – a key part of his 2016 victory that allowed him to directly connect with thousands of voters at one time.

The Republican National Committee labeled their strategy the “most sophisticated ground game in history” and announced that they have recruited over two million volunteers to help encourage people to turn out and vote.

The question is, though…can the Republicans pull in enough new voters to counter any efforts by the Democrats to turn out voters who perhaps didn’t turn out in 2016?