Trump Calls Assault Claims Insane On Recorded Video

Regarding E.Jean Carroll’s tale of rape, Donald Trump claimed the assault never happened and that the claims were “made up” in a deposition presented in court on Wednesday. 

Donald Trump’s attorney said on Wednesday that his side wouldn’t present any witnesses, the implication being that Carroll has not proven nor provided any evidence for her rape claim.

The judge said on the same day that closing arguments would likely be held on Monday, with deliberations beginning the following day.

In the October video deposition, Trump claimed, “It’s just made up.” His lawyer said the accusers have TDS.

About thirty minutes’ worth of excerpts from the former president’s deposition was played by the counsel representing the accuser, E. Jean Carroll. In these extracts, the former president categorically rejects the advice columnist’s claim that he attacked her in the changing room of a Bergdorf Goodman store in the mid-1990s.

Carroll’s claims that he raped her at a Manhattan department store were, in his words, “ridiculous” and “disgusting.”

Trump asserted that it would have been reported within minutes if it did happen. He said shoppers and employees at the “very busy store” would have heard a ruckus and called the police.

It would have been all over the news within minutes if it had happened, Trump claimed.

Several jury members leaned forward and stared blankly at the screens in front of their chairs as the video played.

Trump’s refusal to testify and his absence from the trial have raised the significance of his deposition. On Wednesday, while visiting Ireland, President Trump was asked about the lawsuit; he said he heard the trial was going well.

On Thursday, the jurors in the lawsuit in the Manhattan federal court listen to more of the deposition, and then the attorneys on Carroll’s side are expected to call three more witnesses to the stand.

Carroll is demanding that Trump withdraw statements that she alleges defamed her and an undisclosed sum of money.

Trump has denied knowing Carroll, saying, “She’s not my type,” and has claimed that her insane claims are an attempt to smear his reputation and derail his bid for the presidency of the United States.