Trump Ambassador Cleared Of Wrongdoing

( Woody Johnson has been cleared from all allegations that he made inappropriate comments regarding sex, race and religion.

The Office of Civil Rights of the State Department cleared Johnson of those claims, saying they were “unsubstantiated.” Johnson served as the ambassador to the United Kingdom under former President Donald Trump. Johnson is also the well-known owner of the NFL’s New York Jets.

Last year, Johnson was accused of making inappropriate comments to staff while at the workplace in the U.S. Embassy in London. He was accused of making those remarks regarding gender, race and religion.

Last August, the Office of Inspector General at the State Department released a report that said staff at the embassy claimed Johnson “sometimes made inappropriate or insensitive comments on topics generally considered Equal Employment Opportunity-sensitive, such as religion, sex or color.”

He was also accused of trying to get the UK government to run an Open Championship for golf at a resort in Scotland that Trump owns. The allegations at the time were that Trump requested that Johnson push the British government to do that.

At the time, though, officials with the State Department never waivered in their support for Johnson.

All along, Johnson has denied the allegations vehemently. Last August, he tweeted that he “followed the ethical rules and requirements of my office at all times. These false claims of insensitive remarks about race and gender are totally inconsistent with my longstanding record and values.”

Still, Fox News acquired correspondence from January of this year from the Office of Civil Rights at the State Department regarding an inquiry into Johnson.

The correspondence said “pursuant to the Department’s Harassment Policies” an inquiry was conducted “into allegations of harassment regarding the above-named subject.”

The correspondence was signed by Greg Smith, who serves as the chief diversity officer of the Office of Civil Rights. It continued:

“There were three categories of allegations: race, sex, and religion. After careful review of the evidence S/OCR concluded that the allegations against Ambassador Robert Johnson were unsubstantiated workplace harassment and, therefore, not a violation of [Harassment Policies].

“A formal memorandum of the inquiry, dated December 18, 2020, was sent to the appropriate Bureau.”

Last week, Johnson returned to his spot as owner of the New York Jets, saying the allegations were “looked at by the highest levels of the State Department.”

He told reporters last week:

“The Office of Civil Rights conducted an extensive survey and all of the allegations and concluded that none of it was substantiated. None of it.”

He also said his wife Suzanne was “absolutely furious” that the allegations were made because “this goes against my history and everything I’ve done for my entire life.”

He concluded that the allegations themselves were “very, very hard on me to listen to all this stuff.”

When President Joe Biden was inaugurated in January, Johnson’s tenure as the ambassador officially came to a close.

When that happened, Johnson resumed his full-time role of overseeing the New York Jets franchise.