Trump Allies Target Hunter Biden’s Law License

Reports show the conservative nonprofit advocacy group America First Legal has formally requested the DC Bar to investigate Hunter Biden’s licensure as a lawyer.

His alleged involvement in drug usage, gun purchases, and influence peddling are all cited in the lawsuit.

Kevin Morris, who represents Biden, is the target of a bar complaint that AFL has lodged with the California State Bar, alleging Morris violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Biden has allegedly continuously violated the District of Columbia Rules of Professional Conduct 8.4 due to his unprofessional behavior, according to the AFL. Professional conduct and the avoidance of dishonest, deceptive, deceitful, or misleading behavior are expected of attorneys according to Rule 8.4.

Hunter’s honesty, dependability, and competence as an attorney are questioned.

An individual’s fitness to practice law can be adversely affected by a number of criminal charges, including fraud and the willful refusal to submit an income tax return, as stated in comment 1 to this Rule.

Biden admitted to the tax infraction in a withdrawn plea deal with federal prosecutors. Based on evidence from his text messages and discussions with his business partners, Republicans in Congress have accused him of influence-peddling.

Lawyers allege that the D.C. Bar has been reluctant to punish those with powerful Democratic affiliations, making this case uncomfortable for the bar.

The D.C. Bar emphasized that disciplinary matters are secret until charges are formally filed. Consequently, the Bar cannot confirm or deny the presence of an inquiry.

The complaint is well-founded and deserves commendation for having been lodged. Nonetheless, a probe is very improbable because of the partisan Democratic influence of the D.C. Bar.

For instance, Kevin Clinesmith, an attorney with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, helped fabricate evidence so that a foreign intelligence-gathering tool could be used on a Trump campaign official. He negotiated a one-year suspension of his legal license and narrowly avoided incarceration.

Hunter may very well benefit from this favorable landscape.