Top White House Official Reportedly Not Quitting At Biden’s Request

( In a surprising turn of events, Kate Bedingfield has decided to remain with the White House after all as its communications director.

Late last week, Bedingfield emailed her colleagues to tell them of the news. She had announced not long ago that she would be departing the White House.

Last Friday was supposed to be Bedingfield’s last day serving in the White House, but she wrote in the email to her colleagues that “after much thought, discussion and reflection, I’ve decided to stay.”

According to the note, which CNN obtained a copy of, Bedingfield wrote:

“I’m not done here and there is so much more good work to do with all of you. I couldn’t be happier and more excited about this awesome — if admittedly last-minute! — development. The work is too important and too energizing and I have a lot of gas left in the tank.”

CNN cited sources who said that many officials in the Biden administration were apparently caught off guard by Bedingfield’s decision to stay. She only notified the White House last Thursday of her intentions to remain in her position, only one day before she was set to leave.

Bedingfield’s original last day was supposed to be Friday. That was extended by a week, though, after President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19.

In making her decision, Bedingfield said she regretted that she was going to leave. She took to Twitter to explain her reasoning, writing:

“A massive thank you to everyone (every. one.) who endured listening to me wax on about how I regretted my decision to leave. There’s so much more to do and I’m so proud and grateful to be part of this team. Onward!”

Bedingfield staying in her role as communications director could potentially bring some stability to the White House when it is facing a number of public image challenges. The Biden administration is taking a lot of heat for surging inflation as well as ongoing debates over the Ukraine-Russia war and abortion rights.

What’s more, the White House is expected to play a pivotal role for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections in November. Those elections will decide what political party has control of both chambers of Congress, which will have a huge effect on whether the Biden administration is able to get any of its policy priorities completed in the final two years of his term.

The communications team at the White House has been in some upheaval recently. Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, has stumbled out of the gate after taking over for Jen Psaki, and she’s still working to gain her footing and establish a new role as the main go-between for the media and the administration.

With Bedingfield staying in her post, she will ensure that Biden has a long-standing member of his team with him for a while longer. She has served Biden in a number of different media roles throughout the years, and also worked indirectly with him while he was vice president during the Obama administration.