Top White House Official Announces Sudden Retirement

( As members of Vice President Kamala Harris’ office abandon ship and seek new employment in Washington, D.C., it looks like other White House officials are looking for new opportunities outside of this failing government.

Esther Olavarria, currently the deputy director for immigration at Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, has announced she will be retiring from her position.

That’s probably a good idea, especially as we surpass 2 million illegal aliens apprehended by Border Patrol officials since Biden entered the White House just over a year ago…

In a statement, DPC chair Susan Rice said that she “could not be more grateful” for the “myriad” of contributions from Olavarria during her time at the council. In particular, Rice praised her work reversing the “cruel and reckless policies of the previous administration” to establish a “fair, orderly, and humane immigration system.”

Humane? The so-called “cages” on the border are more packed than ever, with hundreds of people squeezed into facilities designed for dozens of people. Drug trafficking is up, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are apprehended every single month, and the Biden administration is flying illegal aliens across the United States in the dead of night almost every single week.

Rice has to know about this – which would mean she is lying to the press when she calls Trump’s policies “reckless.” Trump oversaw the most dramatic reduction in illegal alien crossings during his four years in office than any other recent president.

According to one source familiar with Olavarria’s departure, the Biden admin official has not yet decided when her last day at work will be, and that she will continue working with the Biden administration for a little while yet.