Top Official Who Stood Up To Climate Change “Propaganda” Forced To Resign

( Climate Change is not science; it is a religion. And those who blaspheme against it are treated heretics who must be punished.

That isn’t hyperbole; it’s just reality.

Last week the United Nations released yet another one of their histrionic, fearmongering reports about “Climate Change” that, like every other report the UN releases on “Climate Change” made dire predictions of gloom and doom if people didn’t completely change their lifestyles.

When politician Ingrid Vesterlund of Sweden’s Centre Party voiced healthy skepticism over the media’s response to the UN’s “code red” climate report, her party, fearful of being deemed heretics, distanced themselves from her and her blasphemy.

In an interview in a local Luleå newspaper, Vesterlund dismissed the report and the media’s breathless coverage. Sun, rain, wind, sea or water, Vesterlund scoffed that “everything is a catastrophic situation right now.”

Not exactly over-the-top rhetoric to be sure. But it didn’t matter.

For her colleagues in the Centre Party even mild criticism over the media’s response to the report was a bridge too far. As a result, Vesterlund, seeing the writing on the wall, tried to walk back her remarks saying that she regretted the interview. She argued that it was not her intent to deny what the UN climate report said, only to highlight that there are other reports that the media paints one way, but in reality show a very different picture from the media’s portrayal.

But that wasn’t enough to satisfy her colleagues. In the end, she resigned from the party, saying it wasn’t her intent to harm the Centre Party.

Not much “Center” in the Centre Party, is there?

One of the authors of the current UN “code red” report, Jim Kossin, openly acknowledged that scaring the people was the point because doing so benefits the UN’s politically-driven climate agenda. He admitted that using fearmongering rhetoric may scare people enough to not only change their attitude, but also “affect the way they vote.”

But for merely recognizing that fearmongering was the goal, Vesterlund had to resign from her party.