Top News Host Reveals Why She Quit Her Show At The Hill

( Kim Iversen, a former reporter for The Hill and a COVID-19 vaccination skeptic, recently opened up about one of the factors that led to her quick resignation from the site’s most popular online show. It had everything to do with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

According to reports, some of her former coworkers who disagreed with her ideas and didn’t like her engagement with anti-vax events even called her a “conspiracy theorist.”

On the show and social media, the host, who appeared at a “Defeat the Mandates” anti-vax event in Los Angeles last April, frequently expressed her reluctance to get the shots.

In a tweet dated November 2021, Iversen stated that she couldn’t believe that after fully vaccinated passengers are the global spreaders of the omicron variant, we’re still talking about pushing people into vaccinating. Her statement received harsh criticism.

Reports show that In July, she mysteriously tweeted “Why I am no longer on Rising” and included a link to a clip that hinted at her being censored on some subjects. She announced her resignation from the program.

Kim Iversen gave the reason for leaving the show in an interview with Russell Brand on his YouTube channel, stating a disagreement arose between her and the producers regarding an interview with Dr. Fauci. Iversen asserts that her position on the vaccine caused her to be excluded from the interview.

Russell Brand asked Iverson why she wasn’t on The Hill anymore. Iversen explained The Hill wouldn’t allow her to interview Fauci. Iversen said she wasn’t sure if Anthony Fauci’s team said they didn’t want to be interviewed by that “Kim chick” or if The Hill protected him from her.
The producers called Iversen the previous evening and informed her that they had not given the Fauci team her name. When they inquired, they explained that these other hosts, not Iversen, would be conducting the interviews. Iversen told them, “That’s unacceptable.”
Iverson asserted that she could no longer continue with the show after promising the audience that she wouldn’t be constrained, restricted, or held back.

A show that has to protect the guest from questions is twice as weak as the guest.