Top GOP Leaders Request Meeting With Joe Biden

( A group of over two dozen Republican governors has requested an urgent meeting with President Joe Biden to discuss the ongoing and worsening crisis at the southern border. The meeting, however, seems unlikely to go ahead at this stage given President Joe Biden’s absolute refusal to acknowledge that the crisis exists in the first place.

26 GOP governors signed the letter that was published on Monday, warning that the crisis is expanding beyond every state and requires immediate action from the federal government to stop it from worsening.

In the letter, which you can read in the Tweet below, the governors suggest that the crisis at the border is endangering public health and safety not just because of the spread of COVID-19 but also because of an uptick in human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Apprehensions, according to the governors, have increased by over 500% compared to last year.

That sounds like reason enough to re-implement former President Donald Trump’s border policies, doesn’t it?

Check out the letter below:

It seems as though the Biden administration is very much aware of the problem, but reluctant to describe it in such uncertain terms as a “crisis.” Homeland Security Security Alejandra Mayorkas addressed the press at the Del Rio, Texas border crossing on Monday after footage revealed tens of thousands of illegal aliens camping out under a bridge in the region.

Mayorkas insists “our borders are not open,” but that didn’t stop the illegal aliens from continuing to pour in.

See his speech here:

And the crisis he was addressing here:

In August, the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border surpassed 200,000.

Perhaps it might surpass 250,000 this month.