Top Democrat Exposed In Footage Saying Politicians Stay In Power Too Long

( Footage of radical left-winger and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe just resurfaced, showing the career politician insisting that politicians shouldn’t spend too long in office and that there should be term limits.

Which is interesting, given that McAuliffe previously served as the Governor of Virginia for four years and now wants another shot at it!

In 2009, McAuliffe said that people should get in, make their mark, and then go do something else.

“Let’s continually bring new people into politics with lots of new ideas, it’s good for the process, it’d be great for Virginia, it’d be great for this country,” he said.

Contrast that with this scene, showing McAuliffe dancing (badly) next to President Joe Biden, who has spent his entire life in government.

What changed, Terry?

Just 12 years later, McAuliffe is back, he’s 64 years old, and he’s trying to take back a seat he lost in 2018 and denying the opportunity to a younger Democratic candidate who might offer “fresh” ideas.

The news comes as polls show that McAuliffe is in trouble, with Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin a massive eight points ahead of him.

With such a huge lead, which is more than the margin of error, Virginia could be on the verge of turning Red – at a time when the Democrats really need to be consolidating power.

Maybe McAuliffe will regret letting the wildly unpopular President Joe Biden campaign with him…