Top Democrat Caves Under Pressure Over Virus

( Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom is all set to remove all of his state’s COVID-19 rules and regulations relating to public gatherings on Tuesday after the controversial political figure signed a new executive order bringing an end to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Sort of.

The executive order removes the stay-at-home order, which was one of the quickest and most severe in the country during the early days of the pandemic. The rules have been in place for 15 months, and are finally being lifted now that around 70% of adults in California have taken at least one dose of the vaccine.

Lifting the restrictions means that there will no longer be any capacity limits for businesses or restaurants, meaning that Newsom can finally go back to the fancy French Laundry restaurant he visited with his friends in December last year, and do what he did without getting slammed for it.

In case you forgot about that, Gavin Newsom literally attended a dinner indoors at a fancy restaurant without his friends and without wearing a mask – a direct contradiction of his orders.

However, while California’s rules will be relaxed, the state will technically still be governed under a declaration of emergency. That means Governor Newsom can still use his authority to change the laws again until he eventually decides to end the emergency declaration. If he doesn’t end the declaration, it will be up to California’s state legislators to do it for him…but so far, they haven’t. And they probably won’t, given that they’re mostly Democrats.

Republican legislators in California called on Newsom to end the declaration last week, saying it should be removed as the “earliest possible data that conditions warrant.”

You’d think that most people having already taken the vaccine would be a good enough reason to finally get rid of these emergency powers…

If Newsom thinks that lifting these restrictions will end the controversy about his leadership, however, he should think again, as the recall election is all set to go ahead later this year.