Tom Cotton “Celebrates” China’s 20 Year Anniversary With Brutal Message

( Republican Senator for Arkansas Tom Cotton marked the 20th anniversary of communist China being allowed to join the World Trade Organization on Wednesday by describing on the Senate floor how it resulted in a “great hollowing” of the industrial base of the United States, the national economy, and the working class.

In his speech, Cotton slammed both Republicans and Democrats in Congress – including President Joe Biden who previously served in the Senate – who supported allowing China into the WTO and normalizing relations between our two countries.

He described the “great rejoicing” in Washington for the bureaucrats, politicians, and lobbyists – but that the people with the most to celebrate were communists in Beijing.

Americans in places like Arkansas, however, have experienced real damage from the decision to allow China into the CTO, with millions of Americans losing good-paying, blue-collar jobs to China.

“Countless small towns, main streets, and working-class neighborhoods were gutted and boarded up,” he said, before listing off the exact impact of the decision in various states.

He described how Michigan saw 24% of its manufacturing jobs disappear, Ohio lost 27%, and his home state of Arkansas lost 26%.

When families are destroyed and jobs lost, why would U.S. politicians not re-examine America’s relationship with China?

That’s what Trump did, but it was quickly undone by incoming President Joe Biden.

What is there to gain for American citizens other than access to cheap, badly-made goods from China?

See the full speech here.