Tom Brady Makes Big Career Announcement

On Thursday, NFL legend Tom Brady reaffirmed his intention to remain retired despite rumors that he will rejoin the field with the Las Vegas Raiders. 

After reports surfaced that the legend is keen on becoming a minority Raiders owner, rumors started again. During this period, the Raiders’ anticipated starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, was sidelined with an injury that forced him to miss the team’s preseason OTAs. But in an interview with SI Now, Brady said he had no plans to play again for the Raiders. 

When asked if he planned to play again, Brady replied that he is “certain” he’s not playing again, adding that he’s tried to make that clear and hates to continue repeating it because he’s already told people that over and over.

Brady continued by expressing his eagerness to take on the roles of a father and a provider. According to a rumored $375 million deal spread over ten years, the former quarterback will also begin a new career as a broadcaster with Fox Sports.

He said he’d be starting a broadcasting career at Fox next year and can’t wait for it. 

He’s looking forward to the opportunity with the Raiders, and he’s in that process with the other things he’s a part of professionally and personally. He said he is just spending as much time as he can with his kids, seeing them grow up, and supporting the various things they have going on.

He said that is a very important job, and he’ll take them all and looks forward to the challenge that the Raiders present.

Tom Brady has gone in and out of retirement in the past.

His promises are as trustworthy as an Elton John retirement concert tour, which has been going on since 1977.