Tim Scott Slams DOJ For Protecting Biden Family

Republican Senator Tim Scott slammed the Department of Justice for holding back information to protect the Biden family, according to Fox News. The presidential candidate reportedly suggested that there may be some individuals within the department responsible for that suppression. 

He claimed that the DOJ’s interest in protecting the family explains the “sweetheart” deal given to Hunter Biden on his federal tax misdemeanors and gun possession charge. In a statement to the outlet, Scott, who is polling at just under 3 percent, said that “When I am president, we’re going to clean house and start over.”    

Scott continued by calling out the politicization of the Justice Department and its tendency to go after its opponents. Many Republican lawmakers and voters see the indictments against the former president as retaliation for him running again. Last year, Biden said that he was going to undertake every “legitimate effort” to keep Trump from the presidency. 

Scott’s remarks come as Hunter’s plea deal fell through. U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the validity of the plea deal and asked federal prosecutors if Hunter was still being investigated. When they answered affirmatively and suggested that he might still be prosecuted for other crimes, defense attorney Chris Clark said that he did not agree. 

“As far as I’m concerned, the plea deal is null and void,” he said.  

Left-wing media outlets are wasting no time presenting the judge as “Trump-appointed,” suggesting that the plea deal fell through because of her. Noreika also questioned the plea agreement for the likely unconstitutional amount of power it would have bestowed on her. She said that if Hunter violated his agreement, she would have to act as an arbiter of that but noted that it is the executive branch’s role to prosecute, not hers. 

She then asked Hunter how he pleads, to which he responded, “Not guilty.”