Thousands Of Passengers Banned From Flying

(JustPatriots)- “No-fly” lists are often thought to be relegated to suspected terrorists, but there are thousands of American citizens who have found themselves on these lists at various airline carriers.

TSA is in the process of reviewing “hundreds of names” that could be banned from flying with any commercial carrier for their potential roles in the U.S. Capitol insurrection on January 6.

There are close to 2,900 Americans who have been placed on a “no-fly” list, according to data released by U.S.-based airlines that share the information. Alaska has prohibited 303 passengers. Delta has banned almost 900. Frontier has banned more than 500 JetBlue Airways has banned 115. Spirit Airlines has banned 432, and United has banned 615.

These airlines confirmed that a good number of those passengers were banned for refusing to comply with mask mandates that were introduced in the summer of 2020.

American Airlines, Hawaiian and Southwest all declined to share information about the number of passengers who are banned on their airlines.

Officials with Hawaiian Airlines, though, said they hadn’t experienced “issues on our flights associated with last week’s event at the U.S. Capitol.” Southwest said it did see “an uptick in traveling passengers who violate rules, exhibit unruly behavior and disregard crew member instructions” on flights recently.

As much as 10% of the passengers who are on the no-fly lists at Alaska Airlines and United were added since January 4, the companies reported.

The TSA is increasing its scrutiny on passengers in the wake of the attack on the Capitol building on January 6. The agency was reviewing “hundreds” of names ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

David Pekoske, a TSA Administrator, said in a statement:

“Currently, TSA is processing hundreds of names with law enforcement agencies for a thorough risk assessment. Our intelligence and vetting professionals are working diligently around the clock to ensure those who may pose a threat to our aviation sector undergo enhanced screening or are prevented from boarding an aircraft.”

The TSA said they were initiating additional safety protocols in the days leading up to the inauguration as well as after it. That includes additional federal air marshals on “certain flights,” as well as an increased law enforcement presence at airports in the Washington, D.C., area.

These additional security measures aren’t just relegated to airlines, either. The TSA said it was focusing on “surface, rail, commuter trains and transit hubs” as well.

Following the Capitol insurrection, the Federal Aviation Administration said it was instituting a “zero tolerance” policy against behavior considered disruptive on all commercial flights.

Steve Dickson, the FAA chief, said:

“We will no longer adjudicate certain of these unruly passenger cases with counseling or warnings. We’re going to go straight to enforcement. We’ve seen a disturbing increase in these incidents … We’ll take the strongest possible enforcement action against any passenger who engages in it.”

These are all moves by federal agencies to ramp up security efforts as rumors of more violence and insurrection swirled around Inauguration Day.