This School Now Requires Staff To Lie To Parents

( Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools were issued guidance on gender ideology. The district-wide guidance reportedly promotes a wide array of gender ideology that includes lying to students’ parents.

Montgomery County employees are required to refer to students by their desired pronouns; however, when communicating with their parents, they are required to use their real pronouns to keep their child’s transition a secret. Disclosing a child’s transition status may be a violation of “confidential medical information,” according to the guidance.

Employees are also required to ask students whether or not they have permission to disclose their medical information to their parents. “Prior to contacting a student’s parent/guardian, the principal or identified staff member should speak with the student to ascertain the level of support the student either receives or anticipates receiving from home,” it states. “In some cases, transgender and gender nonconforming students may not openly express their gender identity at home because of safety concerns or lack of acceptance.”

It continues to say that a “student-led” plan should be devised with the help of Student Welfare and Compliance (SWC) to support the student and work toward “inclusion of the family…even when the family is nonsupportive.” However, the “gender support plan” can be made with parents’ knowledge only if they are supportive of their child.

What this means, Breitbart reports, is that parents will undergo a “reeducation plan” until they fall in line with the ideology of the school and students. This is clearly receiving pushback from parents. Parents Defending Education Director of Outreach Wrika Sanzi told Breitbart News that this has nothing to do with the safety and health of students, but the this is the school weaponizing gender ideology.

“It’s bad enough that the school district is committed to withholding information from parents and actively deceiving them,” she said. “But to also instruct staff to contact the student welfare and compliance office if parents aren’t on board with their child’s gender transition is such an egregious slap in the face to parents.”

This is not the only school that is becoming more woke. Loudon County, Virginia schools recently came under severe public criticism after sexually explicit books, that have now been taken down, were found in the library. One of the schools also kept secret a sexual assault incident after a boy who said he was “gender-fluid” went into the girls’ restroom and assaulted a ninth grade girl.

Montgomery County Public Schools issued their guidance as the Biden administration is seeking to radically change Title IX policies that would include transgenderism, effectively making it unlawful to divide males and females in restrooms, sports, changing rooms, etc. according to sex.